“Who would have thought that it was cheaper to send my past due accounts to a collection agency then it was to have my internal staff continue to work on the account? A.R.M. Solutions has proved to me that it is possible. They have collected over 45% of the dollars that I have placed with them and it has cost me less then it would have to keep the account in-house.”

“A.R.M. Solutions has changed the way I think of collection agencies! Their diplomatic but firm approach gives me the confidence to place our accounts with them for collection. I know that every contact with my customer is not just with the goal of collecting on the account but to encourage the customer to continue using our services.”

“Results, Results, Results… What more needs to be said!”

“A.R.M. Solutions has helped us greatly reduce our past due receivables. Our customers are very responsive to their diplomatic approach, which not only is effective at collecting their balance, but it actually helps to retain them as a customer. Almost any request I have is just a phone call or email away. A.R.M. Solutions’ customer service is unmatched. I love their simple cost structure. It’s extremely easy to track and understand, and it saves us a ton of money!”

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for assisting us. We are very pleased with the speed and professionalism you demonstrated as our collection agency partner. You have proven that we made a wise choice in selecting A.R.M. Solutions for ongoing collection agency services. We highly recommend A.R.M. Solutions to anyone with an accounts receivable collection issue.”

“We switched to A.R.M. a few months ago for our third-party collections company. In the past we have used Transworld and Coast-to-Coast and were never happy with either one. A.R.M. has excellent communication, training, and professionalism… A.R.M. has made it so easy…”