Bad debt and past due bills negatively impact your profitability, taking your company’s attention and resources away from the areas that need it the most.

Our award-winning Collections and Accounts Receivable Management solutions can help you reduce collection costs, bad debt and staffing expenses, and increase cash flow, efficiency and profits!

Flat Fee Collections

A cost-effective and diplomatic solution for “slow pay” and “no pay” accounts that keeps customer retention in mind while yielding results that are 3 times the national average at 1/5 the cost of traditional collection agencies.

Contingency Collections

Phase 2 of A.R.M. Solutions’ signature recovery service is for debtors who aren’t responding to previous collection efforts. Unlike some of our competitors, we adhere strictly to all laws and ethical boundaries to ensure maximum results without negative side effects (i.e., patient or customer loss, lawsuits, and/or bad publicity).

First Party Collections/Outsourcing

Let us deliver payment reminders on your behalf and avoid upsetting clients with 3rd party collection notices. Learn more about your customers, and get them to recommit to future service. Since “collections” is not a core competency of most companies, why not utilize our expertise and economies of scale to contact slow paying customers. All contact is made in your name and you approve all scripts prior to making any outbound calls.

A.R.M. WebView™

Use our secure, web-based client portal to monitor your results in real time, 24/7. We’ve invested heavily in this piece of our solution, making us one of the leading collection industry technology providers. Take advantage of our hard work and capture more of your lost revenue by acting quickly and efficiently.