Pest Control Collections

Are past due accounts bugging your business? Has the economy put you in the unfortunate position of “bill collector” instead of service provider?


Exclusive Collection Agency

Customer satisfaction is important, especially for markets in which there are so many choices.

In today’s economy we understand that you need to be sensitive to your customer’s situation, your options are limited and as an account continues to age the potential for collection and retention is dramatically reduced.

After your internal efforts have been exhausted, we have created a solution our clients utilize before they write off an account and lose control to a traditional collection agency. The traditional agency model focuses on larger balances and charges you a high commission while our Flat Fee service ensures consistent treatment on all accounts regardless of balance size.

Our Flat Fee service allows your internal staff to spend more time on your earlier delinquencies. This results in even fewer accounts reaching the 90-120 + age.

It Costs Six Times More to Acquire a New Customer Versus Selling to Existing Customers

This is why our Flat Fee service is designed to not only collect the outstanding balance, but to also encourage the customer to keep their service active with you.

We can reduce your collection costs by 75% when compared to traditional collection agencies. Best of all, you never lose control of the account. You can start and stop our service at any point in our treatment process.

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