Media Subscription Collections

In this Post-Information Age, media subscription services are constantly being threatened by a multitude of alternative options, many of which are free!

Staying competitive with your offerings and customer service often means the difference between success and failure in this market.

Customer satisfaction is important, especially for markets in which there are so many choices.

It Costs Six Times More to Acquire a New Customer Versus Selling to Existing Customers

This is why our “flat fee“ service is designed to not only collect the outstanding balance, but to also encourage the customer to keep their service active with you.

We can reduce your collection costs by 75% when compared to traditional collection agencies. Best of all, you never lose control of the account. You can start and stop our service at any point in our treatment process.

Give us a chance and see what it’s like to focus all of your resources on taking care of your subscribers, while we take care of you.

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