Understanding Our Services

  • What Is Flat Fee / Phase 1?
  • What is Contingency / Phase 2?
  • What are 1st Party Services?
  • How are you different from traditional agencies?
  • How is your performance so much better?
  • How are you so much more cost effective?

  • What is Flat Fee / Phase 1?
    A.R.M.’s unique Flat Fee service is a diplomatic, cost effective approach to collections. It ensures consistent treatment across all accounts while promoting reconnection with your customer. Our cost is based on a flat rate per account placed with us for collection. It is referred to as “Phase 1” because it is commonly used as the first Phase in a multi-phase collection approach by clients.

    What is Contingency / Phase 2?
    Our Contingency service is an intensive and focused collection treatment. Accounts placed into Contingency are assigned to one of our experienced collectors to determine the most effective route for the account. Letters, calls, skip tracing, asset review, legal review, etc. are all options to the collector (with the proper client approval.) As customers in this stage of collections have demonstrated that they need a more intesive approach to become responsive, the fee structure is based on a commission of dollars we collect. Contingency is often referred to as “Phase 2” because it is commonly used as the second Phase in a multi-phase collection approach by clients.

    What are 1st Party Services?
    1st Party Oursourcing is a service we offer to relieve you of the workload and associated cost with many of your internal calling and mailing efforts. Whether it is collection calls, new customer welcome calls, information verification, surveys, or any other sort of customer communication, you can leverage the infrastructure and technologies we have in place and allow us to extremely efficiently and cost effectively contact your customers. Our economies of scale allow us to perform the same (or often enhanced) work you are currently performing at a much lower cost – which is passed on to you. In all 1st Party Services, we act in your name so there is no indication to your customer that the communication is taking place off-site.