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Top 10 Ways Fuel Price Affects You & Your Customers

Oil, propane, and fuel prices are skyrocketing right now. Have you considered how the price per barrel will affect you and your fuel delivery customers? A.R.M. Solutions is here to outline some important considerations when it comes to high...

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When to Hire a Third Party to Proactively Control & Avoid Debt

During the wintertime, every fuel marketer’s accounts receivable percentages look excellent. Why’s this, you ask? Customers pay on time when their options are “frozen” or “cozy.” But when spring rolls around, the load-to-load mentality of the customer shifts away...

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Benefits of Working with an NPGA Affinity Program Provider

If you’ve shopped around for the best debt collection providers, ours may have given you pause—after all, were the only accounts receivable and debt collection Affinity Partner of the National Propane Gas Association. Being NPGA’s Affinity Partner is an...

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